Olive Oil & Balsamic Education and Pairing Class - Riverside

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I got it home, now what do I do with it?   Our olive oil and balsamic education class will teach you a little about olive oil and balsamic vinegar and give you some pairing and recipe ideas for everything that we carry in our stores. 

Olive oil is unique, different varietals have unique tastes and slightly change when paired with certain foods.  Lot22 Olive Oil owner Zach Thorp is an olive grower, olive oil sommelier and sensory analyst. As he leads this class as we will explore what the difference is between a great olive oil and poor or adulterated one and the process behind making a great olive oil.  In addition the class will explore the uniqueness of balsamic vinegar's and how they can add significant flavor to the everyday food that we make. 

For instance, a great extra virgin olive oil mixed with an apricot balsamic in pancake batter turns into a great apricot flavored pancake, add fresh blueberries on top and your set.

You will leave with:

A better understanding of how olive oil is made and what a fresh extra virgin olive oil should taste like

How to spot a great and poor olive oil

A better knowledge of how to pair an olive oil and balsamic vinegar with food

Some unique ideas for those olive oils or balsamic vinegar's you have on your shelf

6-8 recipes to make at home